When the World Was Young

A Prehistoric Anthology

The invention of writing postdates, invariably, the invention of storytelling. After all, what purpose is there to writing, until you have something to write down?

Excavate these writings, then. Decipher them carefully. Let them, at last, convince you to forget writing until instead they sit across the fire, speaking to you oral traditions, folktales, and of days long, long past When the World Was Young.

Proceeds will be donated to First Nations Repatriation Institute and Indigenous Roots & Reparation Foundation.

Coming December 1, 2022, available at Midwest FurFest!


SakaraFox “The Dance of Peruvaan”
Utunu “Lids”
Huskyteer “Worn-Out Tools”
J.F.R. Coates “Howling to the Moon”
NightEyes DaySpring “The Eyeshine of the Soothsayer”
Rose LaCroix “Daughter of Thunder or The Land of Many Deer”


Madison Scott-Clary “Unseeing”
Kayodé Lycaon “Priest of Lilies”
Rob MacWolf “Let Him That Speaketh Fate to Men Have No Fate Of His Own”
Thomas “Faux” Steele “The Shrine of T-am-ădad”


J.S. Hawthorne “The Last Giant”
Haya Baru “Unmourned”
Pascal Farful “Requiem”
Casimir Laski “Mark of the Stranger”