Madison Scott-Clary

Welcome to the written works of Madison Scott-Clary.

Madison is an author of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry living in the Pacific Northwest. Her interests lie in the realms of furry fiction and non-fiction, collaborative fiction, and hypertextual writing. She is a member of the Furry Writers' Guild, and editor for several projects, fiction and non-fiction. This site collects several of her written works.

This site comprises mostly completed written works. For drafts, in-progress words, and so on, head over to her blog and writing page


Madison has had her work published in several anthologies and has self-published her work in a few more.

Madison's works

Works containing Madison's writing

Some of the publications Madison has been in


Along with standalone works and story collections, Madison has worked on several writing projects, often with others

  • ally - an ergodic, semiautobiographical project in the form of a conversation
  • Post-Self - a collaborative fiction project designed to explore the implications of a universe where the sense of self can be blurred, split, or demolished through replication
  • [adjective][species] and Love ◦ Sex ◦ Fur - [a][s] is a metafurry resource aiming to take a look at the furry world from the inside out; LSF is a sub-project exploring the same in a more adult setting
ally Post-Self [a][s]


Madison has worked on several pieces of various kinds. These are broken down into sensible categories.


Madison's work covers a variety of topics, organized into tags.


Several of Madison's projects take part in shared universes or in series.

Recent pieces

  1. | Furry | Romance | Sexuality


  2. | Poetry | Gender

    Fair and Square

  3. | Poetry | Gender | Transition | About furry


  4. | Poetry | Gender | Surgery

    Post-op images

  5. | Gender | Poetry

    Somehow, she's me

  6. | Poetry | Furry

    Beneath her coat was a whole identity