2015 to 2020

Madison Scott-Clary

With topics ranging from gender to mental health, flower language to dogs, these five years worth of selected poems by Madison Scott-Clary represent some of her best works, now collected in to one book.


Ebook (PDF)


  • Foreword by Lorxus
  • Solitary works
    • The dogs assure me
    • A year starts not on January first
    • Growth
    • When I fall, I will remain whole
    • I know there’s rest
    • Every time I fall
    • Meaning & Self
  • Unimportant verse about important people
  • Poems from Missives
    • Though the flow’r may bloom ere long
    • Delay, then, the morn
    • Thy gift
    • You find me at a disadvantage
    • A rose, single, now blooming
  • Mental Health
    • There is too much fire in me
    • Heligoland
    • Bruise vision
    • Beneath her coat was a whole identity
    • Asertu
    • Numeno
    • Rush
  • Gender
    • Somehow, she’s me
    • Post-op images
    • Fair and square
  • Collected haiku
Her hair is tied with a ribbon Saying "This is not for you." She wears a pendant of stamped brass Saying "Non sum qualis eram." "I have been a hero since birth," She tells herself, As though that will somehow Explain her scars.
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  • Print ISBN: 978-1-948743-14-3